One of the important Internet forum package is PhPBB. It is written with the phP scripting language. “PhPBB” is an abbreviation of PHP Bulletin Board. It is available under the General Public License.PhPBB is free and open source software usable for all.

Some exotic Features of phPBB include support for multiple database engines such as, PostgreSQL,SQLite, MySQL, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server or flat message structure, hierarchical sub forums, multiple attachments per post, topic split/merge/lock, user groups, full-text search, plug-in and various notification options.

phPBB Customization helps you having a large number of unique features. Innotech experts distinguish your site from all other using PhPBB and help you making an object of envy. We provide Simple moderator and administrator interfaces. There will be also support for unlimited levels of sub forums. The users of your choice are modest to setup and maintain. It’s easy to install and use as we use pHP at its core, hence is able to deliver hasty results. Our solution is search engine optimization friendly too. So you can grab the better outcome. There are options to create custom profile fields too under our supervision.

The level of phPBB customization required in pHP is huge. A small example is that there are over 163 styles which can further be customized based on colors, designs, and palettes down to the last detail. And it’s a mammoth task to complete. But our experts through their experience know, for instance, what kind of color palette psychologically retains what kind of phPBB users; or what kind of layout keeps out low-tech users. There are abundant small decisions and questions related to phPBB layout customization, which our team takes care of perfectly.