This is the era of web. Where deploying an e-commerce solution in your business environment is must. With the aim to give your customers’ security and making them gratifying shopping experience helps you surge sales across multiple channels. It exceeds opportunity to multiply web transactions. Innotech has deep knowledge of Magento platform and e-commerce strategies to deliver secure, flexible and optimized solutions in budget and on time.

Innotech has customized application and extension to drive unique selling point and promotion. Its Loss-less data migration, therefore, efficiency is a solid way. There is Seamless Integration with CRM, ERP, third party solutions and up and downstream systems or adopted programs provided by Innotech. Your customer can go for multi-channel shopping and cross-sells to capture more prospects. It gives safe, secure and quick shopping experience. I also has streamlined checkout to elevate customer experience. The performance and scalability to handle huge catalogs is Innotech’s prime concern.

Innotech puts into practice its years of experience and business knowledge to deliver you vigorous, secure and Search Engines friendly Magento customized solutions. It provides users a dynamic and interactive online buying experience.

Our capabilities involve building Magento sites in difference languages with choice to operate each territory discretely through a helpful multi-storage features. Applying our unique implementation methodology, we help our clients to enjoy lower deployment cost, quick timer and high performance gains.

In addition to Magento customization service, Innotech is dedicated to help our customers in getting better performance from Magento e-commerce site. We enable clients in implementing a high availability and scalability architecture for Magento to provide you benefits High availability. So you can retain existing customer with greater satisfaction level. You will have scalability therefore adding the number of new customers. And also you can have central management and better environment to support to the customers.