Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business management software. It is typically a group of integrated applications that a company can use to collect, store, manage and infer data from many business activities that includes Product planning, Cost, Manufacturing, Service delivery, Shipping, Sales, Marketing, Inventory management and Payment.

Enterprise resource planning applications provide an integrated view of core business processes in real-time, by using common databases maintained by a database management system. Enterprise resource planning systems records and monitor business resources like cash, raw materials, production capacity. It also monitors the status of business commitments; for example, raw material purchase orders, equipment purchase orders and payrolls. The applications which make up the system and share data across the various departments (manufacturing, purchasing, sales, accounting, etc.) that delivers the data. ERP enables information flow between all business functions and manages connections to outside stakeholders.

The ERP system is considered a vital organizational tool because it integrates various organizational systems and facilitates error-free transactions and production. Therefore Innotech comes with the handy solution with the integration of the company’s need and future growth. However, ERP system development is different from traditional systems development and as it runs on different computer hardware and network configuration system. Innotech provides the innovative solution to that which is easy to use and cost effective too.

Our experienced team is dedicated with the passion to make enterprise resource planning applications to meet Bangladeshi company structure also compiling international standard.

Though Innotech supports and focuses on big companies, the uses of small-medium enterprises are also on the rise. Innotech bridges the gap between departments through information and related justifications such as extensions, data migration and more. By keeping a company’s internal business processes running smoothly, ERP can lead to better outputs that benefits the company, such as in customer service and manufacturing. Innotech is committed to do that in every aspect.